Within a brief history of just 5 years, EC Holdings could reach significant carrier progress claiming for significant achievements. The establishment could contribute in many development projects of many sectors being a unique partner in private as well as government institutions.

On the other hand, with a bottom up process we could implement various projects with many local authorities and the success of those projects is testimonial to their effectiveness.

Statement of Experience

We emerged in the field as an independent entity in the year 2009 being powered by the experts  with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. They have experience on working for multi-national companies as well on system implementation, administration, Policy planning, implementation process design, Operational mechanism, evaluation & Follow up mechanism, correction and final handing over to our clients, strategy development and ebusiness consultation.

Partnership program with Chamber of Commerce Galle & Municipal Council

E.C Holdings is currently working in partnership  with Galle Chamber of Commerce & Galle Municipal Council. The main objective of this program is facilitating the Chamber of Commerce & Council to build up a strong local as well as overseas network.

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