ETF Registration In Srilanka

The ETF (Employee Trust Fund) does not have a separate registration procedure for making contributions.
ETF contributions should also be made through the EPF registration number. Providing employees with membership numbers is the sole responsibility of the employer. An employee is entitled to ETF from the first day of his/her employment irrespective of whether he/she is permanent, temporary, apprentice, casual or a shift worker. Similarly, employees working on piece rate, contract basis and work performed basis of any manner are also eligible for membership.

The following steps should be followed to obtain a registration with the ETF Board.


  1. Register with the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and obtain an employer number. This number should be used to pay both EPF and ETF contributions.
  2. In the case of new employers who are not registered with the EPF, obtain a temporary number from the Contribution/Collection Section of ETF (Tel. 94-11-2503911) at the 10th Floor, Labour Secretariat Building, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka and contribute to the ETF pending EPF registration, to avoid the payment of Surcharges.
  3. Name of employment, Mailing address, No. of employees, Name of contactable person, His/her position & contact Nos. should be provided when registering with the ETF


Employers who contribute to Private Provident Funds should quote their PF No. for the payment of their ETF contributions and also in all monthly remittance forms, half yearly returns and other correspondences.

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