Obtaining a BOI Approval In Srilanka


  1. Obtain an application from BOI.

Applicable fee is as follows:

  • Overseas : Bank draft or cheques for US$ 200 + VAT
  • Sri Lanka : Bank draft or cheques or cash equivalent of US$ 200 + VAT in SL (15%)

The application comprises of two parts : Investment Approval and Site Approval.


  1. Submit completed application to the receiving officer of the Investment Appraisal Department of the BOI.
  2. Approval will be granted after appraising the project proposal.


The present regulation is under review and new regulation will be gazetted in due course.


Agreement Processing Fee

  • Strategic Development Project – US$ 3,000 + VAT
  • Other Projects – US$ 1,550 + VAT
  • Supplementary Agreement for Expansion – US$ 520 + VAT

Documentary requirements:

    1. Company Profile
    2. Feasibility report of the project
    3. Current Annual Report
    4. Bank references
    5. Agreement/ MOU


Agreement signing process will take one month.

Board Of Investment ( B.O.I.) is a state own organization established by the government of Sri Lanka to establish Export Processing Zones, with the objective of enhancing inflow of foreign direct investments to Sri Lanka. We can facilitate all matters pertain to this venture. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details via pradeep@echoldingz.com

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