E.C.Holdings is small business firm with over 7 years’ experience serving government agencies and the private sector. Our group was incorporated in 2009 by the two founding partners. In addition our team technical expertise, they are a number of years’ experience in customer support and sales, and a wealth of contacts and associates in the business and IT communities. The ECH provides onsite and online training, keynote speaking, implementation, planning, policy writing & consulting, and expert witness services to clients worldwide.

Our ability to excel depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork of our team.

Point of ability
  1. Launching innovative projects through which we could reach significant achievements, the company has contributed in a great deal towards the advancement and efficiency enhancement of both private and government institutions.
  2. The development projects of, Green City-Map, and sustainable transport for SriLanka’s driver network (under construction) are some outstanding projects developed.
  3. We aim to the e-governance capacity in public sector as well as of private sector - We use a bottom up process to achieve this objective and the effectiveness of various projects implemented in many local authorities has gained utmost satisfaction from our clients.
  4. We believe that Women’s economic empowerment are also at the core of what we need to do in development.