Energy Conservation Project

Battle for Solar Energy - Small solar power plants on the community rooftops

We engaging with the Ten year Plan of “Sri Lanka Energy Sector Development Plan for a Knowledge Based Economy 2015 - 2025” was prepared and approved by the Cabinet. It will be a national project implemented within the next 10 years. Currently 50 percent of electricity production in Sri Lanka is done by renewable energy sources and it is expected to increase this percentage to 60 in 2020 and to 70 percent in 2030.

Through this project Srilanka government is hope to get at least 20 percent of consumers to produce electricity. There are three ways community can join in this programme

1.Net metering system

2.Net accounting system

3.Net plus system

Then all any excess production of electricity from solar panels fixed on rooftops would be purchased by the Ceylon Electricity Board. Through this project, government it is expected to generate 200 MW by 2020 and increase it up to 1,000 MW by 2025.

E.C Holding has implemented a Solar Power Project with the partnership of some local private companies / individual Investors, private bank and Ceylon Electricity Board.

We welcome silent Local / Foreign investors to join this program.

We have a profitable business plan in our head for the Solar power project. We planning, implementation & consulting risk free investment. Please contact us quickly if you possible to invest 100 to 500 Million USD, for more details Contact us