Galle Municipal Council – E Governance Project - 2010

Another major project introduced by E.C Holding is the partnership program implemented with Galle Municipal Council. Under this program, e-governance capacity and computer literacy of MC and its officers are developed. Municipal Council officers have been immersed on intercommunication skills and strategies through a special program designed thus, establishing an integrated system among diverse departments of the Municipal Council. Using several adaptation strategies we could promote this technologically innovative program with which the knowledge and capacity of officers considerably increased. We are proud to mention here that it is for the first time in Sri Lanka, such an advanced and innovative system developed has been applied in an MC and we are happy that it functions smoothly with no issue.

On the other hand, as a part of the project we have developed them a dynamic website with all the necessary data with an opportunity for the visitors to comment as well. The aim of the project was to establish a sound interrelationship between the Council and the public providing them an easy means of accessing all the necessary data of the Council while promoting worldwide the services extended and projectslaunched by the Council. Moreover, the link build program developed helps in establishing mutual partnerships with Municipalities worldwide.

Further, we have upgraded the capacity of officers themselves and the departments for efficient use of internet. Other than that many awareness programs inclusive of e-governanceprograms for both the officers and Members of Municipal Council were conducted and a consultancy service for e-governance has been implemented thus, catering to the advancement of the whole system of the Council.