Public Private Partnership Issue Tracker (PPD Issue Tracker)

In a country like Sri Lanka, the dialogue and partnership between the Public and Private Sector are very weak thus, need much improvement. As to our studies, this is one of the major problems that hampers and slows down the process of developing the country. Our company is highly sensitive towards this issue and has made an appreciative attempt to overcome this obstacle with the introduction of a very successful project which is funded by DFAT, Australia and launched with the collaboration of Asia Foundation, and The essence of the project is the development of Public Private Partnership Dialog Issue tracker (PPD Issue Tracker).The objective of the tool is to enable and empower the private sector to influence the implementation and/or planning of key national developmental policies.

Under this programme, business environment related issues submitted and included in the Issue Tracker by regional business associations (Business Chambers and Local Business bodies) are monitored by NEDA so that effective links are established with due national agencies responsible for enacting and implementing policies to improve or create a motivational and impressive environment for business and investment.

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