Performance Enhancement Consolidation Tool (PERFECT)

E.C Holdings is a company that has implemented an integrated program networking island wide local authorities for the purpose of evaluating and ranking under the guidelines of local authority Government. With an efficient mechanism developed and introduced with the aims of promoting Good Governance, Empowerment, and Encouragement of the local government institutions, the need of such a tool required by the Local Government Department of the Southern Provincial Council to be made use in the Performance Competition introduced a several years ago wasfulfilled. This system, PERFECT, consists of a scale of altogether 296 indicators and sub indicators categorized under four areas and provides its users with a rich source of details for both understanding and assessing the duties and performance of those Local Government institutions (Municipal Councils, Urban Councils, and Regional Councils.

The challenge we faced in developing the tool was accessing internal qualitative and quantitative data of those local authorities and this, however, we could manage and overcome the issue using aptly strategies which led towards the development of the tool in a way of easy access to any who wish to use it enabling them to check where one’s or others’ institution is positioned and ranked at regional, district, provincial or island level.

Introducing a new concept to the country, the project was launched with the collaboration of Asia Foundation for evaluation and ranking of those local authorities annually. Further, this provides the local authorities themselves with an avenue to compare and contrast the performance of one another and strengthen the capacity of those Local Authorities to influence and improve local economic growth Under the strategy, "prove the benefit and grow solution adoption" and on our unique approach to user-centered design, the system was developed utilizing some of the best aspects of agile development with the objective of making it user friendly for the Judges, Evaluators and also Local Authorities themselves and the accuracy of the final result of performance evaluation is assured since the Report System is unbiased and objective.